If you like snakes, creepy goblin people and Freddie Highmore, then you'll love the teaser trailer for The Spiderwick Chronicles. The recently-released trailer gives us a sneak peak into Highmore's -- the magical child from Finding Neverland -- role as the title character in this adaptation of the children's lit favorite. Highmore is joining a more or less all-star cast that includes Mary Louise Parker (one of my favorites), Martin Short and Nick Nolte -- I've missed him, haven't you? The film is being directed by Mike Waters who is responsible for Freaky Friday and the brutally funny Mean Girls.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a series of stories about a young boy who acquires some great responsibility thanks to his possession of an eerie book found in his new home. The boy, Jared (Highmore), his twin brother Simon (also played by Highmore) and sister Mallory -- played by Sarah Bolger -- set out on a series of adventures with the strange beings who reside at the Spiderwick estate. Those beings, Jared, and his brother and sister all get into a series of mishaps that they have to get themselves out of.

Based on this trailer, the film and its creatures will look incredible and have a visual similarity to Highmore's recent film Arthur and The Invisibles. As for Highmore, he's been showing the kind of talent normally displayed by older, trained actors, which is why he's consistently a joy to watch on screen. The prodigy actor and the rest of the talented cast will be seen in February of 2008 when The Spiderwick Chronicles makes its way to theatres.
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