You could wait awhile and just buy a new 2009 Bumblebee Camaro, or you can try to find a nice vintage 1977 Camaro. But wouldn't you rather have the actual '77 model featured in Transformers? If you have a lot of cash and an immense love for the new Michael Bay movie, then head over to Ebay, where the car featured onscreen is up for auction. Now, I'm sure you understand that this car will not transform into Bumblebee or anything else, but at least it apparently does have the Autobots logo on the steering wheel. It also seems to be in good working condition, in case you want to actually drive it rather than display it in your own personal Transformers museum.

To get involved in the auction, you have to be pre-approved by the seller, so too bad for you if you wanted to be a jerk and place a false bid. As of this writing, the price is only up to $24,300.00. Of course, there's still more than six days left, so don't think it's a steal just yet. And if you want the same license plate used on the car or in the movie, that will cost you more (currently over $1,000); items from inside the car, including the air freshener and disco ball, will cost you even more (currently $3,550). In Transformers, the car is bought by Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) and then turns out to be the transforming robot alien Bumblebee. Later in the movie, Bumblebee upgrades to the new 2009 model. The later vehicle is not available, probably because the model isn't available yet to the public. The license plate from that car is up on Ebay, though. Other Transformers auctions include costumes and accessories worn by the cast.