I'd say at this point it's pretty obvious we're going to get some sort of Transformers sequel within the next couple years. Fans went absolutely nuts for the film when it arrived last week, and director Michael Bay has already said he knows exactly where he wants the story to go. Ah, but Bay isn't the only one talking. Mark Ryan, who voices Bumblebee in the film, sat down to talk to the folks over at SKNR about all kinds of things, including his voice work on this film as well as his involvement in another one. When asked if he had heard anything about a sequel, Ryan said: "I recently recorded more material for the DVD release of the film. It has to do with the Prequel that will set up the second film."

The prequel that will set up the second film? What could he be talking about? Will there be some sort of Transformers prequel on the DVD? Will it be live action? Will it be animated? Perhaps Bay and Co. have plans to release something along the lines of The Animatrix; an animated short(s) featuring some of the same voices from the film that will be used as a bridge to the sequel. Regarding that sequel, Bay told Entertainment Weekly that, if he is going to make it, he'll probably shoot a smaller film first (the one about a bunch of guys who hang out at a gym). He added: "There's a lot of really cool, big robot stuff that I had in my head that we didn't do. I just want to see how this works. You might not grow as much as a director [to do a sequel]. But it's kind of like you have your baby and you don't want someone else to take it.." I guess we'll have to wait until the DVD is released for Ryan's answer to make a little more sense. Thoughts?

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