If you are planning on attending this year's Comic-Con and you haven't bought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? It's less than two weeks away! You're taking too long! In fact, the four-day membership passes are now completely sold out. You still have the chance to buy a three-day pass, but that option doesn't include entrance to the convention on Saturday. So what will you do while waiting around for Sunday? Well, I guess you can technically still buy single-day tickets for Saturday, so you can buy the three-day and the single-day. It might be more expensive than the four-day was, but hey, you missed the boat. And if you don't act quick, maybe Saturday -- maybe even Friday -- will sell out for single-day tickets too. Imagine missing those star-studded presentations of The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Wall-E, Resident Evil: Extinction and 30 Days of Night.

I'm actually surprised that Friday doesn't appear the more popular day. I thought finding out the confirmed casting of Watchmenwas a priority for everyone. Guess that's just me. And what about Thursday? I think that's when Paramount will have some info or goodies from the latest Indiana Jones and Star Trek films. I can't wait for that. Unfortunately, I won't be attending and will have to wait around until the news comes from our own correspondent. Anyway, if you have any way of making it down to San Diego in two weeks, be sure and check out the full Comic-Con schedule and see if you might want to attend. I hear this year is going to be better than ever -- which explains why it's selling out so quickly for the first time -- and it seems the event has something for everyone who enjoys comics, movies, television or all of the above.

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