OK, so nobody ran out to make Scott Glosserman'sBehind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon some sort of unexpected cult hit -- but now that the fantastic little flick is now out on DVD, you have no excuse for not checking it out. OK, if you don't like horror movies, you have a fair excuse. But everyone else! You add it to your Netflix queue, you! (shakes fist indignantly)

Anyway, we're pleased to share the news that (despite his debut baby's paltry box office performance) Mr. Glosserman has been tapped by Paramount Vantage to helm a horror flick called Playing House. According to Variety, it'll be about a deserted island mansion that delivers some terror when a young couple shows up. (I assume there'll be a little more to it than that.) Glosserman will be writing the screenplay with first-timer Macy Raymond. Scotty G. (we're pals so I can call him that) also has an adaptation of Paul Fenimore Cooper's Tal in the works.

And one day, who knows? Maybe Glosserman will become the next Sam Raimi and we'll see the return of Leslie Vernon. Hey, stranger things have happened. (But yeah, definitely rent the flick and then report back with your thoughts.)
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