After being part of the popular 90's trio, The Fugees, rapper Pras Michel has been building a name for himself. He's had a successful solo career, which included a single for Bulworth, and then jumped into acting. He had a cameo in Mystery Men, has starred in Higher Ed and plays Sandman in Abel Ferrara's upcoming Go Go Tales. He also spent time last year working on a documentary about homelessness called Skid Row. (This is the second Fugee-member doc this year, as Wyclef Jean appeared in the uber-excellent Ghosts of Cité Soleil.)

Skid follows Pras living as a homeless person in Los Angeles for nine days, recorded with a hidden camera. The Hollywood Reporter has now posted that the film has been picked up by Screen Media Films for North American distribution. The plan is to release the film in New York, L.A. and Washington D.C. on August 24 -- free of any festival runs for pre-buzz.

The documentary was directed by an interesting collection of talent. Niva Dorell wrote and directed the short film Kings, which was a university thesis script that Robert Zemeckis and John Singleton chose to mentor, Marshall Tyler's most recent work was acting as Michael Mann's assistant on Miami Vice and Collateral and Ross Clarke was a writer on a UK show called Shoreditch Twat. How each of them came together might be a story in and of itself.

According to Wikipedia, the production also inspired Pras to launch "prAsperity project" this past May -- a non-profit organization "that jump-starts awareness and solutions for intractable problems affecting the human condition." Now, that bit of news is followed by mention of an MTV Cribs episode, that featured his two houses and pricey car collection, so I wonder if his current non-profit pursuits prompted that addition. As for the film, if it's even half as good as his old partner Wyclef's, it'll be worth it.
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