Years ago, a fan-girl friend of mine convinced me to stand in the cold, pouring rain to meet Gavin Rossdale. We did, he was very nice to my hyperventilating friend and I have kept my eye on him ever since. Yet somehow, this new indie film slipped under my radar, until today. There's a new flick on the pike called How to Rob a Bank, and it stars the Bush frontman along with Nick Stahl (Sin City) and Erika Christensen (The Upside of Anger). It's about a guy named Jinx (Stahl) who gets mighty irked when he can't withdraw his last $20 because the transaction fee will overdraw him, ends up getting thrown in the middle of a bank heist and finds himself locked in a bank vault with Jessica (Christensen), while thief Simon (Rossdale) fumes from the outside trying to get in.

From there, the film has a bunch of interwoven stories, twists and turns. You can check out a synopsis at the film's websitehere; however, it seems ridiculously detailed and spoilery to me. There's also a trailer up on YouTube, which doesn't look like any stellar achievement in cinema, but seems fun nonetheless... Or, maybe not. It screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival last month, and The Hollywood Reporter has just thrown up a review, saying: "Despite having such semi-name performers as Nick Stahl and Erika Christensen in the cast, this film has zero boxoffice potential." The review continues on, panning the setting, so-so performances, dialogue -- the meat and bones of the picture. Basically, it sounds like a crapshoot. That being said, I'm sure it'll at least draw in fans of the three top actors, and at least there's a soundtrack including bands like The Dandy Warhols and Duran Duran.