Have you had your fill of Indiana Jones IV spoilers yet? Well, if you can tolerate one more, keep reading. I've got a new one for you. But first, I would like to direct your attention an amusing report from the Associated Press. It's about how the Indy production has moved shop over to Hawaii's Big Island, specifically to the Hamakua Coast, north of Hilo. It also reveals that, according to the Aloha State's film commissioner, the production is still going by the name "The Untitled Genre Project." Okay, here's the funny part: the report contains the following misspellings: "Raiders of the Lost Arc," "Shia LeBeouf," and "Cate Blanchet." I know, I shouldn't talk, because I've been known to confuse the spellings of Columbia (Pictures) and Colombia (the country). And I must forgive the fact that LaBeouf and Blanchett do have difficult names. If I was to ever misspell Raiders of the Lost Ark, though, I would hope to get a million comments calling for my resignation from blogging about movies (that would be about a thousand more than I currently get, right?).

Anyway, now that I've given enough filler, I can get on with the spoiler. The Honolulu Advertiser claims (via IGN) Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are shooting the opening sequence near a Hamakua waterfall. This scene involves Indiana Jones fighting with Russian soldiers. If this is correct, it could be similar to the opening sequence of Raiders, the only other Indy pic that starts in a jungle setting. So, is everything about this sequel going to evoke the first movie? We've already heard rumors that the plot again revolves around the Ark of the Covenant. Personally, I'd rather see Indiana Jones in Jurassic Parkthan a repeat artifact. With Spielberg and George Lucas now in Hawaii, he can still change his mind and go in that direction. Since the Hawaii location will probably be harder to find for fans and paparazzi, I expect fewer images and videos from the latest sets, but maybe we'll at least get something official from Lucasfilm one of these days. In addition to Hamakua, shooting will take place near Keaau at a secluded piece of Shipman Estates property, which is also being used for equipment storage and set construction.

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