It was back in April that Clive Owen became The International, switching things up after his time as a bank robber on Inside Man. Now he's finally got a co-star in Naomi Watts. Word over at The Hollywood Reporter is that she just signed onto the action thriller, which will head into production this fall at the hands of Run Lola Run helmer Tom Tykwer, from a script by first-time-scribe Eric Singer. The movie is about an "obsessive Interpol agent," played by Owen, who is leading an investigation into one of the most powerful banks in the world. His aim -- to expose their penchant for world-wide arms brokering, corruption and murder. Watts will be an assistant district attorney from the Big Apple who teams with Owen to bring the bank down.

This is an old, oft-used story -- the evil big business that must be brought down by the unstoppable and honest good guy, but I'm hoping that Tykwer infuses it with some Lola energy. I'm actually one of those people who liked both The Princess and the Warrior and Winter Sleepers, so I'm not too worried. Watts should be ready for the task -- she just finished hunting down answers against the Russian mob for Eastern Promises. As for Owen, I'm sure he'll be great, as long as the script is nothing like Derailed -- a movie that even he couldn't pull from the stinky depths of crap.
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