I hate to deliver such disheartening news right before the weekend, but Daniel Craig has told Britain's Daily Express that, after Casino Royale delivered so wonderfully by showing us a tough, no-bullshit Bond, the producers have apparently decided to go off the rails in the next installment by re-introducing the 'Bond comedy' antics that made most of Roger Moore's Bond films unwatchable. I just can't get behind this move in the slightest. Excising the bad humor of the Bond series was the smartest move they made during the re-launch -- even smarter than hiring Craig -- and there's simply no reason for them to go back to the pun-happy days of yore. I mean, really, what are they thinking? Let's hope this is more Craig speaking for himself than actually announcing real policy, although it doesn't seem that's the case.

In other Bond news, the next Bond book has been announced. Called Devil May Care, it's being written by British writer Sebastian Faulks and will be in book stores in 2008, with a commemoration of Ian Fleming's 100th birthday in mind. The only plot elements we know of the book so far are that it will be set during the Cold War and -- shock of all shocks -- will feature a variety of exotic locales. That's a new twist for the Bond series, eh? Also, one final thing on the Bond front: for those of you who have been asking what gives with our Bondcast, we're working on it -- a new incarnation is returning soon, we promise!

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