There was a time when Shopgirl director Anand Tucker was supposed to helm The Golden Compass, part of the His Dark Materials trilogy. However, he left the project due to creative differences, and filled his newly-open schedule with another film -- And When Did You Last See Your Father? -- which Sony Pictures Classics grabbed in September. Judging by the trailer that was just thrown up by Empire Online, it might have been the right choice for the director. It's a bit safe for the Tucker, treading on relationships and drama again like he did with Hilary and Jackie, but if the whole is anything like the short clips you can see now, it should be a pretty successful tissue-box-necessary drama.

The film is based on the book by British poet Blake Morrison, which details the writer's life with his father, who Booklist describes as "a genial general practitioner with a kind heart, a roving eye, a quick wit and a penchant for minor duplicities." In some particularly dead-on casting, Colin Firth plays the poet, while Jim Broadbent plays his father, Arthur. The trailer shows all the basics of the story -- Arthur is a wacky dad full of life and prankish ways, but he also has a terrible roaming eye. As a child, Blake discovers his father's infidelities, and this creates a rift between them. Unfortunately, years later, he finds out that is father is ill and close to death, so Blake goes home to talk to Arthur about those times, and to "put things in order." The only thing to watch out for -- the trailer loads and plays on its own without any controls to pause or restart -- you can just click on the image to start, pause and play again. Tres annoying. As for the movie, if it does half as well as I imagine, I'm wondering if we'll see any of Morrison's other work hit the screen. He also has a book about his mother called Things My Mother Never Told Me.