Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day, Kill Bill), an actress who certainly lives up to her name, has signed on to star in the true story Street. Fox will play the mentor to a sixteen year-old runaway girl named Lexi. Laura Ramsey (The Covenant, She's the Man, the upcoming adaptation of Scott Smith's The Ruins) will play Lexi, a young woman with a "troubled mother" and a "convict father." She runs away with "a boyfriend who ends up abusing her," and "she finds shelter and love with a drug-addicted street kid who teaches her how to survive in a tough Portland, Oregon neighborhood." Toby Hemingway of The Covenant will play the drug-addicted street kid. Rounding out the cast is Rachel Miner as Lexi's "caring sister," you might know her from Bully, The Black Dahlia, or more likely -- from her brief stint as Macaulay Culkin's wife.

I'm generally not a big fan of movies where gorgeous young teen actors try to earn some indie cred by playing homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts, etc. Hopefully this film will dig a little deeper than most in the "troubled teen" subgenre. York Shackleton (sounds like the name of a villain in an 80's teen comedy, no?) wrote and will direct the film. He based his script on the life of the film's co-producer, Kristen Jensen. Shackleton is a former professional snowboarder and actor who also wrote and directed Kush, about a young drug dealer torn between the money and a desire to leave the lifestyle. That film is vaguely scheduled for release in "2007." Shackleton's credits as an actor include I Know What You Did Last Winter (I could have sworn that series had ended, has anyone seen Winter?). Let me just recommend that Shackleton throw Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" over the end credits of Street. That'll add $10 million to the box office right there. Remember how great that video was?

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