Those of us suffering from triskaidekaphobia can rest easy and emerge from our subterranean bomb shelters; another Friday the 13th has passed and for the most part the world is pretty much as it was on Thursday. To commemorate the occasion Stacie Ponder of the Final Girl Blog ("Exploring the slasher flicks of the 70's and 80's...and whatever else I can come up with.") proposed a Friday the 13th blogathon, giving everyone in the blogosphere a chance to pipe in with their thoughts on the antics of Jason Voorhees and his many film appearances. Stacie herself discussed how the bag-headed Jason from the series' second installment was perhaps his scariest incarnation. Other participants had some interesting things to say as well, such as:

  • Erich Kuersten penned an interesting piece on his Acidemic-Film blog about how Friday the 13th represented the end of the free love generation.
  • Kimberly Lindbergs of Cinebeats wrote a great piece on Friday the 13th's origins in Mario Bava's Bay of Blood(and I do loves me a good Mario Bava flick).
  • Curt over at the very groovy Groovy Age of Horror blog hosted a discussion on American slasher films versus giallo films (an Italian film genre to which stateside stalk and slash movies are something of a bastard child).
  • Adam Ross of DVD Panache gives his 13 reasons why you should watch the Friday the 13th box set. My favorites were The Corey Factor and Cold Bacon.
  • The Horror Blog hosted a round table discussion on the best kills in the series.
  • Pat Piper from Lazy Eye Theatre gives his two cents on the safe sex message of Friday the 13th.
  • Sir Jorge's Macabre DVD takes a fun look at the 8-Bit NES Friday the 13th video game. The screen captures will have you harking back to the early days of video gaming.
And that's just a handful of the blogathon's participants. Stacie ends the piece with a Youtube video of every Friday the 13th murder scene strung together. It's quite a sight. For the record there are a staggering 160 kills, though the piece was obviously assembled before Freddy Vs. Jason came out. We should all enjoy this blogathon while we can because there won't be another Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie) until June 13, 2008.
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