I saw the documentary Summercamp! when it premiered at SXSW in 2006, and thought it was just as cute as a bug. When I reviewed the film, I called it "a film for grownups who want to remember their own days at summer camp, both the fun times and the embarrassing moments." Also, I loved the Flaming Lips music on the soundtrack. The light-hearted film was co-directed by Austin filmmaker Bradley Beesley (who also made Fearless Freaks, the doc about the Flaming Lips) and Sarah Price (The Yes Men). But I don't need to keep telling you what I thought, because you can watch the movie for yourself, right this minute if you want.

AOL True Stories has made Summercamp!available to watch online in its entirety or download onto your own computer. The documentary runs a little less than 90 minutes long, so budget some time to sit back and enjoy the film on your monitor. When you're done, you can tell your own summer-camp tales by posting comments on the Summercamp!blog, which includes entries from Holly, one of the campers featured in the film. If you don't have the browser plugins or other requirements needed to watch the film on your computer, you can always buy the DVD from the Summercamp!website. Or check out the list of theatrical screenings around the U.S. for the documentary, starting on July 18 at IFC Center in NYC and currently running through September.

[Screening info via Austin Movie Blog]