For a few days now, we've been pondering just what the heck was going on over at The Weinstein Company with All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which was supposed to open July 20, being distributed by TWCs genre division, Dimension Films. Jette noted on Wednesday that the film finally got a poster just two weeks prior to release date -- not a positive sign, although the poster itself was pretty cool. Then on Thursday, Erik posted about rumors that were circulating that the film might be getting dropped from its release date slot. Now, we know it's not just rumor.

Jeff Wells over at Hollywood Elsewhere posted Friday afternoon that he has official word that Mandy Lane has been acquired from Weinstein/Dimension by Senator Entertainment, Inc, a prodco/finance outfit with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles who, sayeth Wells, have an existing relationship with the Brothers Weinstein. A look at the company's website, which I can kind of decipher with my minimal knowledge of German acquired in three years of German classes way back in high school isn't terribly revealing. I guess we all saw this coming, but darn it, I'm feeling let down. The whole thing seems a little odd -- what's up at TWC around this film? It got rave reviews at Toronto and is sitting pretty with a solid 71% on Rotten Tomatoes -- not too shabby for a horror flick. So what gives?

The film's official MySpace site does say Mandy Lane will not be coming on July 20, so if you already had plans to catch the film next week, you'd better make other plans. The site does promise a later theatrical release date, so perhaps all is not lost yet for Mandy Lane or everyone who's been hearing it hyped since last freaking year at Toronto. Wonder if the film will get a spandy-new poster to go with its new distrib-Daddy?