This weekend, Larry Charles and Bill Maher should be happy -- their still-untitlled documentary about religion has finally found a U.S. distributor in Lionsgate. Charles directed last year's successful comedy Borat, and those who have seen clips of this documentary hint that it may be no less irreverent -- and perhaps more so. The director has been travelling around the world with TV host/comedian Maher, interviewing people from different countries about their opinions on religion. Their stops included Israel and the Middle East ... and Charles claims the documentary is a comedy.

Back in May, Patrick Walsh reported that foreign distributors were buying theatrical rights to the film after seeing a 10-minute promotional reel at Cannes. However, U.S. distributors have taken their time -- religious films might do well here, but sacreligious is another matter entirely. Lionsgate is no stranger to controversial films -- the distributor picked up MIchael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 when Disney decided not to distribute it, and is also the studio behind horror films like the Saw series. Blogger and SXSW Film Festival director Matt Dentler caught the promo reel at Cannes, and wrote, "If it sounds like potentially controversial territory, wait until you start seeing some of the footage we witnessed in May. It will not disappoint ... unless you're in the religious right." The film is still being edited, with a vague release date of "next spring." Hopefully they'll have found a catchy title by then.
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