I know I'm not the only one who was impressed with Michael Angarano when he appeared as Young William in Almost Famous. Since then, he's also picked some pretty killer roles, dipping his toes in both art-house and mainstream movies. He played Freddie in my favorite Lars von Trier-related flick, Dear Wendy, and then soared as Will Stronghold in Sky High -- one of my top family film picks in recent years. The kid knows how to pick roles, so I was pretty stoked when Peter Martin posted that his latest, Black Irish, found a distributor. What you might not realize is that it also has a trailer.

The first written-and-directed feature by Brad Gann, Irish is about a 15-year-old named Cole McKay -- yes, played by the 19-year-old-with-baby-cheeks Angarano -- who is itching for independence in his South-Boston Irish-Catholic family . His older brother (Tom Guiry) is being romanced by drugs and crime, his sister is about to become an unwed mother and his father is a self-pitying drunk. Cole's saving grace is baseball, and as he fights through his family's turmoil to make the state championships, "he must make a life and death decision, a decision that will change the McKay family forever."

Over at the film's website, you can see the trailer, which looks pretty good, save the cheesy wrap-up it has. It seems that Cole is also fighting against being drawn into his brother's ways, although Tom is also shown as fiercely protective -- in one clip from the trailer, he punches Francis Capra, who you might remember as Weevil from Veronica Mars. Any bets on that "life and death" decision being something about his troubled brother? Black Irish will get released some time this fall -- hopefully sooner rather than later.