Baz Luhrmann showed up recently at a special screening of his film Moulin Rouge in Darwin, Australia, the town that's currently hosting the produciton of Australia. He spoke to the media for a bit and dropped a few details about Australia, such as the fact that Darwin could be the location of the film's worldwide premiere. Frankly, this sounds like the kind of thing you say to the media when they put the question to you, point-blank. Could Darwin be the location for the film's premiere? Well, ummm... sure, why not! More concrete, perhaps, is the film's release date: Luhrmann said that November 2008 is when the film is expected to be released. "Filming finishes in November, and post-production takes about a year," he said. "So if I don't fall horrendously behind it should be out in November next year."

On Thursday of last week, the movie's main fan site posted some new images from the filming that's been taking place in the waters around Darwin. They are a lot like the pics we brought you last time, only these mostly focus on Hugh Jackman's drover character instead of Nicole Kidman. The pics aren't terribly interesting, but feel free to check them out anyway. More interestingly is the site's message board, which I recently noticed has a spoiler thread. I couldn't resist taking a look at, and now I wish I hadn't, because the people on there seem to have pieced together the entire plot of the movie, including some of the final moments. If you want to go into the movie blind, the worst thing you could do is visit that thread, so fair warning.

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