I wonder if we'll ultimately spend more time this summer talking about The Dark Knight than we will next summer when the film actually comes out? Ryan already alerted us to the rumor that the Batman sequel will unveil a teaser in front of The Simpsons Movie on July 27, as well as at San Diego ComicCon on the same day. Hopefully that also means one will hit the online, because I won't be at ComicCon, nor will I be seeing The Simpsons in theaters (I'm reviewing it, so I'll check it out at one of them advanced screenings that don't show previews). So that was yesterday. Today, we have new pics of Heath Ledger as The Joker, courtesy of The Dark Knight's Unofficial Movie Blog. It's probably important to point out that I'm not positive this is Ledger (it could be a stunt double), but there's no question it's Joker. Additionally, the site also provides video of Joker's truck.

Aside from these Joker pics, folks from just about every movie news site have been attempting to hit up Aaron Eckhart for more Two Face info while the dude has been out promoting his latest flick, No Reservations. Although he's been doing his best to keep quiet, MTV Movie News managed to obtain confirmation from Eckhart that he will be donning the Two Face costume at some point during The Dark Knight. He says, "I play Harvey Dent. Harvey Two-Face. They are both in the movie." He wouldn't go much further than that, but he did say he was looking forward to shooting a specific scene this October. As to what that scene entails, Eckhart coyly answered: "I don't know. There might be anger involved. There might be tears. It might be a cathartic day. It might be a lot of love." Man, July 27 can't come soon enough -- I'm dying to see some actual footage by now. The Dark Knight hits theaters July 18, 2008.

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