Last week I sat in on roundtables forInterview, the new Steve Buscemi-directed remake of a 2003 film by the same name. The film stars Buscemi and Sienna Miller and focuses on a night shared by a political journalist assigned to do a celeb profile and the celeb he's profiling, a television and movie actress known simply as Katya. The two start the night by hating each other -- he's offended that she shows up late to meet and she's offended that he's never seen her slasher film -- and they go from there. The roundtables were pretty short and sweet: one standout moment was when someone showed Sienna a copy of the new Factory Girl DVD that advertises itself as "Sexy" in big bold letters. "I'm not surprised," she said. "I wouldn't expect anything less. And I say that with absolute love." Another was when someone asked Buscemi to defend rumors that a movie he's soon to be appearing in, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, is anti-gay. Here's a sampling of the questions asked by everyone who was there.

Sienna Miller

What was the process of getting this role like?

It was really uncool. I got a call from my agent saying that Steve Buscemi had got in touch and was doing a film, directing and acting in it, and it was sort of a two-hander and 'would I be interested in reading the script?' And I said 'I'll do it, without seeing the script.' I figured if it was good enough for Steve Buscemi it was good enough for me. So I actually agreed to it, and they were like 'Surely you should read the script or talk to Steve' and I was like 'No, I'm doing it.' Then I spoke to Steve and he was like 'Please read the script' and I was like 'No, done. I'll come and make the tea on your set, let alone come and act.' So it was sort of a no-brainer, and then thankfully read the script and loved it and loved the character and loved the dynamic between the two people. So it was a really interesting project, and I really love the film as a film. It's the first one I've done that I've actually watch and think 'God, that's actually a cool movie. It's very European, yeah.'

Your character is sort of playing a character herself in the film.

Yeah, and it got really confusing. It's hard to talk about it without giving the entire thing away, but at the moment when that decision has to be made, to 'act', you know, I didn't know how to really portray that. I thought there has to be a flicker of some ... 'oh my God' ... and then a decision to sort of really go for it. But it was a hard thing to get in a look. But yeah, she's definitely playing a role. She plays several roles that night, like victim and helpless girl and evil woman and seductress.