Just when you were starting to worry that Racer X wouldn't have a girlfriend in the Wachowski's Speed Racer ... whew, the role has been cast. Nayo Wallace, previously known only for some scattered television work on The District, Sleeper Cell and a few other shows, has grabbed the role and will be appearing opposite Matthew Fox, who's been previously cast as the enigmatic Racer X. Speed Racer is currently filming in Germany, with Emile Hirsch in the title role, Christina Ricci as his girlfriend Trixie, and Susan Sarandon and John Goodman as his parents. Richard Roundtree is also in there somewhere. As far as I know, all of the film's major roles have now been cast, and we have only to sit back and wait for the Wachowskis to start actually delivering some footage on this thing.

The last thing we heard about the production was that PETA was up in arms about a monkey possibly being smacked around on the set after it bit some people, and that's pretty much it on the Speed Racer news front. As far as the film's ComicCon plans, the list of participants is still unknown since everyone is busy shooting in Germany, but the word is that there may be some production footage and a cast interview reel shown, as well as some of the film's storyboards. We'll have our people at the Warner Bros. presentation, and we'll be live-blogging all Speed Racer unveilings, so stay tuned.

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