Apparently, no one learned anything from Dumb and Dumberer or The Son of the Mask, as another classic Jim Carrey movie is about to have another sequel squeezed from its you know what minus all of the ingredients (mainly, Carrey) that made the series successful in the first place. Moviehole reports that an Ace Ventura 3 has become very much a reality. Yes, as REM once said, this is the end of the world as we know it. When we first told you about this disaster last year, all that was known was that three guys (Jeff Sank, Jason Heimberg, Justin Heimberg) were hired to write the script, and it would focus on the legendary pet detective's son. Well, we now know who will play that son, as well as which unfortunate soul will be directing.

According to Moviehole, Josh Flitter (recently seen playing Robin Williams sidekick in License to Wed) will take on the role of Ace Ventura Jr.; evoking (I assume) a number of outrageous and eccentric personality traits. David M. Evans will direct, having previously given us gems like The Sandlot, although his last few films (which include a Sandlot sequel) have all gone straight to video. And, honestly, I hope this one goes the same route -- to attempt a theatrical release would be kind of offensive, in my opinion. Regarding his decision to direct, Evans said: "I asked my 9, 11, and 15 year olds what they wanted me to do. And they said, 'Dad, you're doing Ace Ventura 3!.' I don't know if the fact that the film shoots in Orlando (Disney World, Universal Orlando, etc etc...) had anything to with their marching orders, but I suspect it did. Nonetheless, the challenge of trying to meet the expectation of a sequel to one of the funniest movies in the last 30 years appealed to me. Done deal. Cut. Print. Moving on! Done deal." So, it's happening folks -- expect a bunch of animals and a few lines referring back to the guy who wouldn't touch this sequel if his life depended on it.

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