Safe from the dog comedy of Disney's upcoming South of the Border,Kevin Bray is gearing up to direct an indie film called Linewatch -- a drama about a border agent with a troubled past. You might know Bray from the saucy Whitney Houston and J-Lo videos he has directed, the many television episodes he's helmed from shows like Veronica Mars and Heroes or as the man behind The Rock's Walking Tall. The feature, which is currently in production, now has its stars -- Diana Ross' son, Evan Ross and Cuba Gooding Jr. Could this be Cuba's shining light out of crappy movie hell? The movie is currently shooting in New Mexico, so we should know fairly soon.

The drama is about a man named Michael Dixon (Gooding Jr.), a well-respected border agent with a wife and daughter in New Mexico. His security crumbles when his troubled past as an L.A. gang member finds its way back to him. In order to protect his family, he has to help the "psychotic gang leader" smuggled drugs across the border. Now Ross is playing Little Boy, Dixon's nephew, who was close to his uncle before the man left Dodge. Deserted, Little Boy joined the gang and sought out "a psychotic member" (presumably the leader) as his surrogate dad. I'm sure there will be all the requisite angst and guilt, but hopefully it will be done in a way that looks believable, and not one of those films where the man loses all common sense and digs a deeper and deeper hole for himself.
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