At this stage, if there isn't a new X-Files movie on the way, then a lot of fans are going to feel pretty gypped. Sun Media has reported that during a panel event with David Duchovny, who played the iconic Agent Mulder in the TV show as well as the first movie, the actor confirmed that he was about to receive his first script for the new X-Files film any day now. The panel event was set up for Duchovny's new cable series Californication as part of the Television Critics Association tour. Duchovny was quoted as saying, "I really am supposed to get the script next week. And I am looking forward to seeing what (Chris) did". Duchovny also went on to say, "Chris (Carter) is going to direct it. Gillian (Anderson) is on board and I'm on board". According to reports, the film would starting shooting in November and would aim for a release in Summer 2008.

It was back in April when Patrick gave us the news that creator Chris Carter would be working with writer Frank Spotnitz on a script, but fans were rightfully skeptical since there have been rumors floating around about a sequel for years. The original series ran on Fox from 1993 to 2002, and the first film was released in 98'. It was a commercial success, but it seemed like a sequel was never going to materialize. Duchovny made it clear that the film would not be the start of a franchise, and that the script was going to be a "one-off" (meaning it would have nothing to do with the previous film or the TV show). Having been fairly obsessed with the show, I can only hope that another film would give Agents Mulder and Scully a more eventful send-off than what the TV finale provided back in 02'. But until the film goes into production, I think we know by now not to hold our breath.
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