Short-film director Alex Calvo has been working on his first feature film, The Other Side of the Tracks, which Goodnight Film has slipped into production in Connecticut . The supernatural thriller, which comes from Calvo's own script, will star Canadian Brendan Fehr (CSI: Miami) and Tania Raymonde (Lost), with a supporting cast that includes: Top GunKelly McGillis, as well as Sam Robards (Life as a House), Chad Lindberg (Adam and Eve), Shirley Knight (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood), Beatrice Rosen (Cuts), Natassia Malthe (Bloodrayne II: Deliverance) and Stephnie Weir (Mad TV).

While The Other Side of the Tracks might evoke thoughts of the poor and rich, it seems that this film is taking things a touch literally. The film is about a young man whose girlfriend was killed a decade ago in a train accident, and all this time later, he still struggles to move on and escape the memories that haunt him. Over at IMDb, they also have a plot summary that's cut for spoiler content, but I'm not sure what makes it so spoilery. It says what I've typed above, along with one more sentence that very vaguely describes the potential paths that lay in front of the grieving man. I'm also not sure how the "supernatural" part fits in -- maybe he's actually being haunted by his ex's ghost, or maybe one of his paths has a bit of other-worldliness to it.

Whatever the case may be, I'm sure we'll get lots of trademarked Fehr pouting. (Do a Google image search on him, there's tons of serious and pursed-lip Fehr faces out there.) The actor has come a long way since his short stint as Price Montague on Breaker High, and he has gotten a lot of practice with all of his supernatural and thriller fare -- Final Destination, The Forsaken, Roswell... you name it! This is also the second feature thriller in a row for Fehr -- The Fifth Patient, which casts him against names from Marley Shelton to Peter Bogdanovich, just screened last month at CineVegas.
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