According to a report from Beyond Hollywood, Transformers star and (to borrow a phrase from their article) "uber-hottie" Megan Fox will be starring in the horror flick Half to Death. Apparently her experience working with director Michael Bay on the giant toy commercial/summer blockbuster robot slugfest was a positive one, as Bay is producing Half to Death. Directing will be Finnish helmer Antti Jokinen who, according to his IMDB entry, has mostly television work to his credit, and the production is being set up at Rogue Pictures. Former comic book writer Scott Lobdell, whose work has included stints on such Marvel Comics as Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight, will pen the screenplay, with shooting scheduled to begin in September.

The film is said to be a combination of Groundhog Day and Captivity, although since the latter failed to break $2 million on its opening weekend, Bay's PR people might want to rethink that one. The official synopsis says, "A young college freshman named Teresa is troubled when she discovers she is living the same day over and over again, one that starts out innocently enough but always ends with her brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Could the murderer be her boyfriend Gregory, who is also sleeping with Teresa's roommate Lori? Or could it be Lori, who is ferociously envious that Gregory might like Teresa more? Maybe it is one of Teresa's classmates, unable to get her attention? Perhaps one of her professors, who cannot consummate their passion for their top student? Or perhaps it's some secret Skull & Bones-type society, who picked Teresa for no good reason to be their ritualistic sacrifice?"
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