In the 90's, I was sure that Robert Carlyle was going to make it big. He made many fans as the comically acidic Begbie in Trainspotting*, and then followed it up with a huge and more mainstream hit, The Full Monty. However, while he hasn't completely faded from the spotlight, and has found himself recent stints in films like 28 Weeks Later and Eragon, he's not half as successful as I expected. Then again, I absolutely loved Plunkett & Macleane, which slipped by most people's radars, so my Carlyle-dar is a bit off.

I am, however, quite excited about his latest project. He has just signed on to star in I Know You Know. It's a Welsh coming-of-age drama, but it has two kickers. First, IMDb says that Ewen Bremner is already on the cast list, which means a bit of a Trainspotting reunion. Second, it's being directed by Justin Kerrigan, who has also written the script. His lone other credit is 1998's Human Traffic -- the light, club culture movie, which was far from a critical success, but definitely had entertainment value. (One of the film's stars, John Simm, recently wrapped up a devilish stint as "The Master" on Doctor Who.) The film will follow a boy who gets caught up in the espionage work of his dad -- who is, obviously, going to be played by Carlyle. Here's to the hope that it's a decent little film, and something to satiate the desire to see Porno come to the big screen, since Danny Boyle isn't ready for it yet.

*Thanks to Joe for spotting the missing "i." -MB
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