Put Seth Green behind the camera (as a writer and/or a voice actor), and I absolutely love him. However, when I have to look at him in front of the camera, part of me wants to punch a part of him (with the exception of Airborne -- I love that movie). Perhaps it's just me, but there's something about Green as a live-action actor that irritates the hell out of me. But maybe he's just choosing the wrong roles (Without a Paddle? Rat Race? Josie and the Pussycats?). That being said, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Green has joined the cast of Old Dogs -- another comedy about a couple of guys whose "lives turn upside down" when they're put in charge of 7 year-old twins. Oh, the comic potential just oozes from this sucker.

John Travolta and Robin Williams have already signed on to play the male babysitters, while Green will play "an executive with the global marketing firm run by Travolta and Williams' characters as they are closing a big deal with a Japanese conglomerate." HR adds: "He is eager to prepare for his move to Tokyo and show off his Harvard MBA and Japanese cultural skills." Wild Hogs director Walt Becker will helm, with Matt Dillon, Travolta's wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella Bleu Travolta also starring. (I believe part of Travolta's deal stated that his entire family would get roles too.) Disney will shovel this one out at some point next year (based on the success of Wild Hogs, I'd say we should expect it to be a summer release), while plans are already in the works for a Wild Hogs sequel. Aside from Mr. Mom (which is one of my all-time favorite Michael Keaton roles), I've never been a fan of this concept. I mean, how many diaper-changing gags are there? However, Williams always has the ability to shine when he's given room, and so this film should definitely appeal to the mass audience. But will the critics like it? Something tells me no one gives a crap about what they think.

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