While folks frantically try to uncover the plot and title for Indiana Jones 4, IESB has arrived with some pretty big news ... if it's true. Up until now, we were pretty positive this would be the final installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, with Shia LaBeouf potentially coming back as Indy's son in a future spin-off installment. Well, according to a "very well respected Paramount studio source" LaBeouf has signed a four-picture deal to reprise his current role in three more Indy-related films. Not only that (and here's the big shocker), but IESB also claims that Harrison Ford signed a three-picture deal, meaning he'll show up (all old and whatnot) as Indiana Jones in two more flicks. Now I'd like to tell you to take this all with a grain of salt (which you should), but know that IESB says their source is "as solid as a rock."

The LaBeouf stuff I can believe, but I never in a million years expected Ford to sign on for more films after this one -- mainly because I wouldn't think Steven Spielberg would be directing, and also because the guy is getting a tad old. And do they really want to stretch this series out into seven films? The first three are such classics, and I have high hopes for the fourth. But three more?! They've got to be kidding. Apparently not. Of course there's always a chance Paramount will wait to see how Indiana Jones 4 does (as well as how much people like LaBeouf's character) before making the move on any additional installments. And there's also a chance Ford's contract only calls for cameo roles, instead of full-on stunt action. But since Ford has never been a "cameo actor," I can't see him agreeing to show up for five minutes to give his son a mission, then bail. Regardless, what do you think about three more Indiana Jones films? Would you be down for that much Indy, or do you want to wait to see the fourth flick before answering?

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