You can't blame Warner Bros. for trying to cushion the blow from the imminent loss of the Harry Potter series -- and when they do a little number crunching from their record-breaking opening weekend, you can bet they are going to miss their orphan wizard just that much more. The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Warner Bros. has purchased the film rights to the seven-part children's fantasy series, Septimus Heap. The story centers on two children switched at birth with special destinies; a young girl who is actually a princess, and a boy (for who the series is named after) that turns out to be, you guessed it, a powerful wizard. The story is pretty much what you would expect from a kid's fantasy tale; long-lost royalty, wizards, charms and the occasional evil queen. Three books have been published so far, with the titles, Magyk, Flyte, and Physik.

Heap was written by English-born author Angie Sage, who started her career as an author and illustrator of children's books before moving on to the middle school crowd with this series. Sage's books might not have created the same level of fervor as the Potter series, but Heap's sales are nothing to sneeze at either. The books have all made the best-seller lists since their release in 2005, and Sage has been critically praised for her sense of humor in the novels. I am sure it will be some time before WB puts Heap into production; there are still two more Potter films to come, and I would think that WB is not going to give their next boy-wizard the green light before it's absolutely necessary.
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