As Peter noted in his weekend indie box office report, Michael Moore's SICKO is having a healthy run at the box office. I know Moore's been busy promoting the film and going after CNN and Wolf Blitzer, but I know I'm not alone in wondering what Moore's going to do next.

Blog You Like a Hurricane (one of the best-named blogs ever, but thanks a LOT for getting that godawful Scorpion song stuck in my head) has been mulling this question over, and wants Moore to do a movie tackling the mainstream media. He's even encouraging people to send Moore an email asking him to go after the media in his next film. Heck, the way Moore was going after Blitzer, you gotta think he's already got tons of material to outline the basic structure of the film on a cocktail napkin right now.

I'd like to see Moore go after the mainstream media folks, but there are other topics he could hit on as well. He's already hit on corporate greed (Roger & Me), gun control (Bowling for Columbine), the war on terror (Fahrenheit 9/11), and now health care with SICKO. I'd like to see Moore tackle some other issues ... how about Wal-Mart's takeover of the American shopping experience? The crap they feed our kids in school lunches? Pharmaceutical companies and access to medicine by Third World countries -- and the poor in this country? The entire US education system, starting with Bush's "no child left behind" and our schools focusing more on teaching to test scores rather than actual learning? Youth sports -- kids in elite athletics and the impact that has on them? I'd really love to see Moore go after James Dobson and Focus on the Family sometime, too -- or televangelists in general with a nice expose of people living the high life by profiting off religion. I suppose Moore could also join Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio on the environmental stuff, but they're doing pretty well with that already, so maybe it's better for Moore to leave that alone and go after other topics.

What -- or who -- do you want to see Moore turn his lens to for his next film?
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