Have you always dreamed of landing a guest spot on The Simpsons? Have you wondered what you would look like as a resident of Springfield? Well, thanks to the glorious thing that is movie marketing, you can now create your own Simpsons character (based on you or someone you know) and show it off to all those people who claim you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Interested? Oh, I know you are. To play, you can either head on over to the official The Simpsons Movie website (where they allow you to create your own avatar -- see me to the right of your screen) or the Burger King Simpsons site (where they allow you to upload a pic of yourself which you can then alter once in Simpsons mode).

I thought I'd like the Burger King site better (since you can use a pre-existing photo of yourself), but the one I created on The Simpsons Movie website came out a tad closer to what I actually look like. Just picture sideburns, a little scruff and bit more roundish physique. That's not to say the Burger King one won't work -- I guess it just depends on the picture you provide (they ask for a close-up shot). In case you've been living under a rock, they've been promoting the hell out of this movie. Earlier this month, a handful of 7-Elevens were converted to Kwik-E-Marts, while a flurry of Simpsons-related products hit shelves in thousands of stores across the country. (I managed to pick up some Buzz Cola, although it was a tad too sweet for my taste). On top of the 7-Eleven thing, a contest was also held featuring all of the U.S towns named Springfield. Basically, each town had to submit a video saying why they should be chosen to host The Simpsons Movie premiere. In the end, Springfield, Vermont won (check out all the submitted videos here). All this talk, I bet you're dying to see the movie already. Well, fear not, we only have to wait two more weeks -- The Simpsons Movie arrives in theaters on July 27.

[via JoBlo]