It's been a few years since Atom Egoyan brought us his last feature film -- 2005's Where the Truth Lies. The uber-sexy film followed Alison Lohman as a journalist trying to uncover the long-hidden and mysterious story behind the breakup of a comedy team played by Bacon and Colin Firth, which ended years before when they found a dead girl in their hotel room. Now Egoyan is cooking up another film with Serendipity Point Films-head Robert Lantos, leaving the adult world for some adolescent fare, and straying from the carefully-laid out mystery plot of Truth. The new drama is called Adoration, and it will begin shooting on September 17, right after TIFF wraps up.

According to Playback, the film is a teen drama that "will examine how kids redefine themselves through the Internet," by focusing on "a high school student who claims to be a figure from recent history." Oh, vagueness! Is this kid channeling Lonelygirl15? While she's made waves, I wouldn't quite call her a figure of history, so your guess is as good as mine. The director will look into the ways that the Internet changes relationships between kids, when compared to classroom interaction. That's about all that we know about the film, but there might not be too much more to tell. Egoyan has a script, but it's one he's planning on changing as it goes: "What excites me is that the open enough that I can change and modify based on what we find out as we're shooting it. That, to me, is the ideal kind of structure." Ah, film Playdoh!

[via CBC]
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