Yesterday we brought you news that "uber-hottie" Megan Fox had signed on to star in the horror flick Half to Death for Platinum Dunes/Rogue Pictures. Beyond Hollywood were the ones to break the news, however Shock Till You Drop is now claiming their entire story was false. While Fox was offered the role, "an insider" from Platinum Dunes told the horror site the actress passed on the role "weeks ago." We're not sure where Beyond Hollywood got their story from (they attribute it to "one of their most reliable sources"), but as of now I would count her out. It just goes to show that when a website throws out the "reliable source" card, it often turns out their source ain't that reliable at all.

But there is indeed a film called Half to Death in the works, and it revolves around a young college freshman who discovers that she's living the same day over and over again. Cute. Kind of like the female Groundhog Day. Ah, but here's the horrific part -- each day ends with her brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Not so cute. There pegging this one as Groundhog Day meets Captivity, only they should probably find a better comparison as the latter film isn't doing so well at the box office. I imagine our college freshman will spend most of the film trying to figure out who keeps killing her, and once that's accomplished, she'll have to kill them before they strike ... or something like that. Wasn't there a similar film recently where the central character was a male? I know there was, I just can't think of the name. Anyhoo, Half to Death will most likely begin production this fall (assuming they find their star), and will hit theaters sometime next year. Fox, on the other hand, is currently playing the "uber-hottie" Sophie Maes in How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.

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