John Carney has been actively pursued by Fox 2000 to direct their upcoming comedy Town House. The director of Once -- that Sundance mega hit (and winner of the Audience Award) which tells the love story of two musicians in Dublin -- has said yes to helm the film, written by Doug Wright (Quills). Carney's current repertoire of work is both self-written and directed, so this will be his first directorial project penned by another writer.

Town House is a comedy that, according to Variety, centers itself around a man who is the son of a deceased rock legend. The man is a recluse who maintains his social anonymity by selling his father's mementos and eventually their home -- the town house in which he lives after running out of things to pawn off. This catapults the character into a life altering self-realization, all while attempting to be funny at the same time. The screenplay is based on the novel of the same name by author Tish Cohen. The book itself has received rave reviews and is said to have been "film ready" for quite some time. Lots of books are "film ready;" it's just a matter of finding someone who's ready to actually make the film. Shooting will begin in January, but the cast has yet to be announced. I'd love to see the sequestered main character as Ryan Gosling (a spin off of his character in Half Nelson?), or maybe Clive Owen -- since I wouldn't mind seeing him in everything.
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