I always like to pick up the stories no one else wants to write about. Partly because a story like this is sure to generate more than a few hateful comments, and I simply don't want any of my fellow Cinematical team members to feel the wrath. I like it when commenters say they hate me -- I don't know why; maybe I should see someone about that. Anyway, here's what I will not do in this post: 1) I will not link directly to the spoilers and 2) I will not give anything extremely important away. I will however include some minor spoilers, and will tell you when so you fans can stop reading at that point. Fair enough? With just about four days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hits bookstores, someone has leaked pretty much everything online. And unlike previous "leaks" (which I can say were completely false, according to this latest info), this person backs up everything with screenshots of the book, and actually offers up a lengthy Q&A explaining exactly what happens in great detail. Oh yes, this puppy is the real deal.

The good news is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will make for one helluva final film. I've shared the info with someone who has read the books and watched the films (because I haven't), and they were pretty beside themselves. Begin Spoilers. You've been warned. The spoilers are starting now. Look away. When J.K Rowling said that two characters were going to die, it appears she wasn't lying. However, more than two characters die (some good and some bad), and the deaths that do occur will hurt. There are thirty-six chapters in the book, including an epilogue. The last chapter in the book is titled The Flaw in the Plan. And while I will not ruin the epilogue for you, let's just say Rowling ends the story for good. I'm going to stop there; if you're interested in knowing what happens, that info is now available online. Find Jeffrey; he knows. Happy hunting.

UPDATE: Folks are already providing major spoilers in the comments section of this post, so read at your own risk.

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