The coming-of-age comedy Fat Girls, which premiered at Tribeca in 2006, has finally found a distributor. Here! Films bought the North American distribution rights to the movie about a gay high-school boy (played by writer/director Ash Christian) who feels like a "fat girl" inside. He and his best friend Sabrina (Ashley Fink), who also fits the title description, search together for objects of their teenage affection.

Fat Girls also features a performance from filmmaker Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) as a teacher named Seymour Cox, which I hope isn't representative of the overall humor level. Reviews from both Variety and Nerverefer to the film as a gay variation on Napoleon Dynamite. Christian won an achievement award at Outfest last year for his work on the film.

Here! Films is the theatrical division of the gay and lesbian-themed cable TV channel of the same name. The company's distribution partner, Regent Releasing, handles its theatrical releases, which have recently included Eleven Men Out, Margaret Cho: Assassin and The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green. Check out Cinematical's interview of Ash Christian as part of a Tribeca 2006 podcast. Fat Girls is scheduled for theatrical release in the fall; I assume some broadcasts on the here! channel will follow as well.