It's hard to believe, but next year will mark the 15th anniversary of Dazed and Confused. Time has flown since Wiley Wiggins slid on-screen as Mitch Kramer -- the toothpicky new freshman who all the arse-slapping seniors wanted to capture. Beyond some fervent nose-pinching, Wiggins held his own against future names like Matthew McConaughey and, of course, Ben Affleck. Unfortunately, his only other high-profile stint in front of the camera (and behind, since he was also one of the animators) is another Richard Linklater film -- Waking Life. What has he been up to recently?

According to his blog, which has been up for years now, he has re-edited a short by film blogger David Lowery. The original short -- The Outlaw Son -- was given to several people to reinterpret. Mr. Wiggins took his shot, called The Walk, and as he describes it: "I figured that the other filmmakers involved would have better luck with the actual story, and instead had fun grinding one scene down to almost a halt and making some woozy music to go over it instead." Woozy works. Or, perhaps, hypnotic. I wouldn't be surprised if Big Brother types snapped him up for some catatonia-inducing propaganda. Lowery says of the attempt: "I could write a wordy essay about the recontextualization of the imagery and the subjugation of artistic intent, but I think I'll just let the piece speak for itself. It's really beautiful." You can see his take of the short over at Lowery's blog, Drifting, as well as the original. (Or by following the direct links on the films' names, above.) Enjoy!

[via GreenCine Daily]
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