Jared Leto has come a long way since his stint as Jordan Catalano. While he probably could've rode the girl-admiration train for a while, he's been all over the map with his film choices -- he's ran, fought as a soldier and an Angel Face, loved mentally-troubled women, got slashed by a Huey Lewis-loving psycho, been an addict, traversed the Sunset Strip, menaced with cornrows and even threw on the weight to embody Mark David Chapman. Now he's getting a bit fantastical to even out the reality a bit with writer/director Jaco van Dormael's first English-language feature, Mr. Nobody. And, his co-star is none other than recent Away From Her director Sarah Polley.

The romantic drama is being described as a "multilayered love story inspired by the 'butterfly effect.'" No, not the questionable film, but what it was based on -- the part of chaos theory that claims that the mere movement of a butterfly's wings can cause atmospheric changes that start a chain of events that have large and far-reaching results. Leto is playing nemo Nobody, a 120-year-old man, and the last mortal, living amongst immortals in the not-so-distant future. Nobody spends his time reliving both "real and imaginary years of marriage." Whatever that means. Production begins next week, and will shoot in Brussels, Montreal and Berlin. Being in that stage where we only have the smallest bit of information, anything could be possible, but regardless, it's sounding like a pretty intriguing notion. That, and I'd like to see what Polley can pull out of Leto.
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