I just can't resist any news on John Sayles. Earlier this month, I posted that the director's latest film, Honeydripper, was going to be in this year's TIFF lineup. After starting off fall with a bang, the director is also getting saluted for his work with a Golden Alexander fat the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, which will take place in Greece this November. Honeydripper will have its European premiere at the festival, and Sayles will be there to discuss his films with his partner/producer Maggie Renzi, as well as actors Chris Cooper and David Strathairn. But that's not all -- he'll also conduct a Master Class. Oh, how green I am turning at the thought of the lucky festival patrons in Greece.

I must admit, I came into the world of Sayles late in the game -- when Casa de los babys screened at TIFF in 2003, and I got to hear a talk with him and his hugely-talented female cast. I liked it, but it was the Danny Huston-starring Silver City, which came out the next year, that really hooked me. The man has a talent for dealing with serious, and often psyche-troubling topics, but with a lightness that makes the experience enjoyable. I just about died when I saw that he directed one of my favorite actors, Joe Morton, in an alien flick about Harlem called The Brother from Another Planet. It's a great film that houses not only an amazing performance by Morton, who is seriously underrated, but Sayles' classic, alien bad-guy acting. If you want to hear more about Sayles, stay tuned to Cinematical Indie, because I'm cooking up a bit of a Sayles extravaganza, which will come out in a few weeks.
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