Imagine if we got official feedback on everything we write about Indiana Jones. We might know the title, the plot, the role each cast member is playing, etc. While Paramount and Lucasfilm will definitely never confirm nor deny any of those elements, Lucasfilm has issued a statement about yesterday's rumor about Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford being signed on for more Indiana Jones films. The production company told MTV News that it's just a rumor, "idle chatter" from us fans on the ol' internerd. Though it was Paramount sources that had supposedly leaked the news, I'm sure we can believe that people at Lucasfilm know what they're talking about -- even if IESB's source on the matter is "as solid as a rock."

Of course, Lucasfilm could be lying to us, or attempting to throw us off. But then, why even bother commenting? I don't find it that surprising that Paramount would option the actors, especially LaBeouf, for possible spin-offs or sequels. Such a thing is more than common in Hollywood. And it doesn't mean the spin-offs/sequels will definitely happen. It just puts the idea out there. I personally would be okay with an Indiana Jones Jr. franchise if handled well. I'd even be okay with some prequels starring James McAvoy as a young Henry Jones, Sr. But, I'm a big Indiana Jones fan, and I'd rather see more from the actual franchise than more possible knock-offs and wannabes. I know a few readers were excited to hear about them furthering the franchise. Is everyone now as disappointed as I am to hear that it might not be true?

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