I'm actually surprised that neither the trailer for Gone, Baby, Gone nor this new poster feature the words "From Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck." It wouldn't have been the first time we've seen or heard that phrase (or part of it, anyway), and for once it would have actually been appropriate since Affleck won his Oscar for screenwriting. Instead you have to look at the credits at the bottom of the poster to notice that Affleck co-wrote the script (with Aaron Stockard) and directed the film, too. Rather than emphasizing Affleck's achievement or involvement, Miramax (who also distributed the film that got him the Oscar) spotlights a different connection. Under the title, the poster tells us that this film is from the same novelist (Dennis Lehane) who wrote Mystic River. But while the trailer does make the film seem like that Clint Eastwood film, the poster reminded me more of The Departed, especially after I noticed the subtle gun that's in the hand of Casey Affleck.

However, this poster, which highlights the Boston skyline, is nothing like the poster for The Departed since it doesn't have a close up or frontal shot of Casey Affleck's face. Perhaps such a head-shot would have less appeal to moviegoers since the younger Affleck is still pretty much unknown. I'm guessing (and hoping), though, that after Gone, Baby, Gone comes out, Casey will become a bigger star. The rest of the film's cast includes Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and Michelle Monaghan (all three of whom join Affleck's name on the poster marquee), along with Amy Madigan, John Ashton, Amy Ryan, Titus Welliver and Robert Wahlberg (brother of The Departed's Mark; he also appeared in The Departed and Mystic River). The film goes into limited release on October 19.

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