With six months of 2007 solidly behind us, it's time to talk about the successes and failures of the first half of this year. Rotten Tomatoes has released their mid-year report, outlining the Top 25 fresh-tomato reviews, and the Bottom 10 worst-reviewed films, which might not even be worthy of an old and very rotten tomato. To figure out the list, the site gathered all of this year's movies with at least 50 reviews, and came up with a "weighted calculation" that figures in the Tomatometer and number of reviews -- a scheme that lets some of the indie picks shine amongst the blockbusters. Using their fancy calculations, Pixar's ratty movie Ratatouille came out as the big victor.

A lot of these films you could probably place without looking at the official list. Of course, the goodies include Zodiac, Knocked Up and Live Free or Die Hard, while the craptacular collection houses movies like Because I Said So, Code Name: The Cleaner and Premonition. What does this all tell us? Well, four of the Top 10 are funny -- and they range from the dork stoner getting the hot girl to killer tadpoles, so yes, critics do have a sense of humor. That being said, what are the chances that comedies will get some cred at next year's Oscars? I'd say almost zilch, but I have to admit that as much as I enjoy Knocked Up and think it belongs in its spot, I wouldn't consider it a big cinematic achievement.

That aside, kudos to Sarah Polley, whose freshman directorial feature Away from Her got the top 2 spot, and is one of only two dramas in the top 5. Unfortunately, that also says something about what moviegoers are going to see these days. While we all love our action and comedy, it's almost as if dramas are becoming an indie genre -- unless they're packed with thrilling aspects or other popcorn-marketable fare. Thoughts?