Writer and director Paul Schrader doesn't have too many screenplay credits under his belt, but most of the ones that do reside on the list are beyond impressive. The man is responsible for Taxi Driver, American Gigolo, Raging Bull, The Mosquito Coast and The Last Temptation of Christ. Then the 90's came, and he traveled around the ratings map for a bit, and heck, he is even responsible for bringing Touch to the big screen. (If you don't remember it, that might not be a bad thing.) Now, it looks like he might have re-discovered his earlier success with his upcoming film -- The Walker, a movie that Cinematical first posted about last year.

The film stars Woody Harrelson as a gay, social escort to a number of Washington DC wives in the 50's. When one of his closer lady friends (Kristin Scott Thomas) finds herself on the edge of a scandal abyss, he helps by covering for her -- thereby turning the heat on himself, and forcing him to find the true culprit. Coming Soon now has linked to the film's website, which has a trailer for the film, as well as to YouTube, which is actually showing the first seven minutes of it. Between the trailer and the clip, it looks like Harrelson has successfully wiped away the granola and yoga to portray the "gay weather vane," as his character calls himself. All of the other performances look great as well, at least those by the main ladies -- Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily Tomlin and Lauren Bacall, as the trailer and clip focus on them. But we can't forget that Willem Dafoe (who we see only briefly in the trailer) and Ned Beatty also star, along with Mary Beth Hurt and 2006 Silver Bear winner and old Run Lola Run co-star Moritz Bleibtreu. The film is currently traveling through the festival circuit with some great reviews, and will head into limited release this December.