It's not surprising to find regional films at any film festival. There's no better way to display local talent, than to place it among the big players in the industry. Having seen a lot of Canadian and international film over the last few years here in Toronto, there has been some gems, and some okay films that were obviously included more for their location and actors than for their artistic merit. What comes to mind right off the bat is These Girls, the David Boreanaz comedy that worth a rental and a few chuckles, but seemed out of place a few years ago amongst its fellow films.

This year, well, there might still be some questionable fare at TIFF, but the big Canadian players are there as well. Two galas have been added to the film fest's lineup -- Denys Arcand's latest, Days of Darkness (or, The Age of Ignorance -- a title I like more), and David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, which we've been covering for a while. Since we're already familiar with the latter, let's talk about the former. Arcand is a Québec filmmaker who scored an Oscar for his last film, The Barbarian Invasions. However, you might be more familiar with his English-language feature Stardom, which was out in 2000, and starred Jessica Pare and Dan Aykroyd. Beyond the galas, Guy Maddin'sMy Winnipeg, which I mentioned here, is also on the lineup under "Special Presentations." If TIFF's plate of films continues to heap on the tasty morsels, which includes Allan Moyle's Weirdsville (yay!), I'm not sure how I'll find time to see them all.