If people are thinking that David Richard Kelly is taking his time with the cuts for Southland Tales, that's nothing compared to how long the Director's Cut for Dark City is taking. Back in October of 2005, Cinematical's Ryan Stewart wrote a review of the film for the column "Cinema of the Caribbean." The post got thumb-raiser Rogert Ebert to add his two cents, mentioning that a director's cut was going to come out "in the next few months." In November, Cinematical brought word that Ebert had recorded a commentary for the edition (he is also on the original DVD release). After a bit of silence, we mentioned it again in June of 2006.

It's now July of 2007, and what's come of this forever-in-the-works cut? According to Twitch, Fangoria Radio recently chatted with David Goyer (who co-wrote the screenplay) about The Invisible. While chatting about the film, he mentioned that he had been working with director Alex Proyas on the director's cut -- with, as Twitch describes, "beefed up special effects and a new and improved sound mix." I can only hope that means effects that work with the style and age of the movie, because new additions can be a bit jarring, or in some cases, completely change the story (cough-Han shooting-cough). Not surprisingly, there was no word on when it would be released. By now, I think it would make sense to wait until 2008, and have it be a 10th Anniversary Edition. Stay tuned -- maybe we'll have more info next year!
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