The "torture porn" genre may be on its way out, but don't tell that to the Saw folks who are already making plans to extend their horror franchise to at least six. Bloody Disgusting has received word that David Hackl has been handed the directorial torch for Saw V and Saw VI, replacing Darren Lynn Bousman ( who's currently finishing up a stint as director on back-to-back-to-back Saw flicks). Hackl was the production designer on Saw II, Saw IIIand Saw IV, as well as second unit director on Saw II and Saw IV. He was also in the running at one point to helm Saw IV until Bousman decided to give it another go. I'd say he's the right man for the job -- then again, I stopped watching this series after the first installment because, as my friends say, I'm a word that rhymes with schmussy.

It will be interesting to see how well Saw IV does at the box office when it arrives on October 26. While the horror franchise definitely carries a massive fanbase, audiences have made it clear that this whole torture shtick has run its course. We'll also have to wait and see whether the film leaks online, and if that damages its overall box office take. As with most sequels, additional Saw installments are not guaranteed; if Saw IV should fail to hit a certain mark, I imagine the boys will cash in their chips and congratulate one another on a highly-successful run. The decision will have to come quick, though, as Hackl and his team will have to begin work immediately on Saw V in order to have it completed by the following Halloween. Does there come a point when enough is enough? Would you Saw fanatics keep watching through part six, or do you lose interest after awhile?
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