At long last, the Colin Firth historical fantasy epic The Last Legion will be hitting theaters on August 24, and The Weinstein Co. has just released to Cinematical a new theatrical poster for the film. The film takes place during the break-up of the Roman Empire, with Firth starring as a Roman legionnaire who must act as a guard for the Emperor's children as the barbarian hordes are closing in. An epic battle ensues, the Roman forces are overwhelmed and scattered, and the boy Emperor Romulus is taken prisoner by the invading Goths. Colin Firth must forge an alliance with representatives of the nearby Byzantine Empire -- specifically a mysterious warrior, played by Indian superstar Aishwarya Rai -- in order to get the boy out of danger. Also coming into play during the story will be a secret sword that comes with its own prophecy: "One edge to defend, one to defeat; In Britannia was I forged to fit the hand of he who is destined to rule." Hmm ... no points for guessing which sword that is. Click on the image above to get the full-sized poster.

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