I was going to help Tim League and his Austin Fantastic Fest crew pick a few movies for this year's event, but unfortunately I had to head back to the east coast for the summer. But it sure doesn't look like the FF programming crew is having ANY trouble without me! (A crew that includes Twitch's Todd Brown, SXSW's ever-classy Matt Dentler, the Alamo's mad genius Kier-la Janisse, and AICN's recently-wed (congrats) Harry the K, just so you know who's pickin' the flicks.) Anyway, released just today is a brand-new batch of genre titles that can soon be enjoyed at the third annual Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. I may be a little biased (since Austin and everyone in it rocks the proverbial house) but I'm getting pretty darn excited for FF this year. (Plus I've had a rotten summer, and the only thing that can make me feel better is a full week of horror movies!)

In addition to the already-released list of titles, the FF posse just unleashed another batch of gore-soaked goodies. Nope, it wasn't enough to book movies like End of the Line, Flight of the Living Dead, The Last Winter and Spiral (all of which I've seen and awarded S. Nerd Weinberg stamp of approval) and get Uwe Boll himself to introduce Postal ... nope, these guys had more blood to spill. (Clarification: Fantastic Fest does a lot more than just horror; it's just that I always choose to focus my eyeballs there first.) Anyway, their new batch includes titles like Joe Lynch'sWrong Turn 2 (I've seen an excerpt and boy is it splattery!), Winona Ryder in Daniel Waters'Sex and Death 101, and the very amusing Sundance mockumentary Finishing the Game.

For everything you need to know about Fantastic Fest (which runs September 20 - 27 at the awesome Alamo South Lamar), feel free to pick through the official site. It's there you can check out plot synopses, find a few reviews, scope some trailers and make up a handy little schedule of what you'd like to see ... even if you can't attend. But fear not: Cinematical will have a small team of lunatics there to keep you up to speed. Can't wait! (And they still have some titles to announce yet! I'm promised some big news, too!) For the "old" news, check out Jette's May 17 report right here.
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