I wasn't crazy about the last poster that was released for the upcoming Death Sentence, but this latest one -- a ComicCon exclusive -- more than makes up for that big red canvas with a little Kevin Bacon in the center. What's up with that poster, anyway? So odd. Check out the new poster to the right of your screen (click on it for a larger version over at /Film). This one is a whole lot better; not only has Bacon grown in size, but it's got this great disturbing vibe to it (those old Death Wish and Reservoir Dogs posters immediately came to mind). And if it does sort of remind some of Death Wish, that's because the movie is based off a novel by Death Wish author Brian Garfield. Thus, some of the same elements are present, although the story goes in a slightly different direction.

Another reason to look forward to Death Sentence (which also recently released a trailer) is that James Wan directed the flick. Wan, as you know, helmed the first Saw film, but didn't do so well with his latest, Dead Silence. Wan is great at establishing an unsettling mood, while slowly rising the tension. Unlike some of his other projects, he's got a great lead actor this time in Bacon, and a decent supporting cast in Kelly Preston, John Goodman and Aisha Taylor. Essentially, the story centers on a nice, suburban guy (Bacon) who, after witnessing his son's murder, decides to personally hunt down those responsible ... while they subsequently hunt him. And although the premise feels familiar, I have a good feeling about this one. Bacon scares me when he's angry, and I've been waiting for Wan to deliver a thriller that's on par with the stuff he gave us in the first Saw film. My fingers are crossed that Death Sentence is it. Look for the flick to hit theaters on August 31.

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